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Computer Science & Software Engineer specialized in Technology of the information, but the most important thing: very passionate person who loves to making stuff in internet.

  1. What we remember

    Multimodal Learning Through Media: What the Research Says It is a very interesting study conducted by the Department of Education of CISCO about how we retain information and ways in which we do this process.…

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  2. The secrets between Gulp and Browserify

    If you are part of the Node.js community maybe for you the name of subtack is familiar. It's one of the most active user of the community and authors of many projects and modules. One of the most famous project (at this moment) is Browserify, that allow you encapsulate…

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  3. The Principles of Good Programming

    DRY - Don’t repeat yourself. This is probably the single most fundamental tenet in programming is to avoid repetition. Many programming constructs exist solely for that purpose (e.g. loops, functions, classes, and more). As soon as you start repeating yourself (e.g. a long expression, a series of…

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  4. Cloud Computing Service Models

    SaaS (Software as a Service): When the software is hosted and you pay for a subscription. "on-demand software" as well. Examples: Spotify, Gmail, Skype,... PaaS (Platform as a Service): Provides you computing platforms which typically includes operating system, programming language execution environment, database, web server etc. Examples: Heroku, Openshift, Windows…

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  5. Road to JavaScript #2

    5 functions of the Console object you didn’t know Incredible post in shellycloud blog about the posibilities of use of console Object. More than only print strings! Front end tooling workflows check this in SpeakerDeck Specially in love with this slide: PouchDB: Database syncs between client and server pouchdb…

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